Employees not believe passionately Never luck!
Because employees are working Azimle built themselves instead of leaving the ordinary course of the future with passion.

They are inherently different and stable. The only thing that motivates; Each success is the urge to go beyond their reach. Therefore, we can not be criticized only a talented company from his seat:
Honest, reliable, dynamic, talented, self can continuously improve doing business with passion, customer requirements can produce good quality products and with permanent market leader by better competitors in all his work, which is leading always to their competitors, sometimes all of all the material and moral values ​​that gave us this country Although very difficult, appearing before overcoming every obstacle, however, this country and investing in our people, sharing all of the information and experience in promoting employment with unlimited employees and what we do now as a group company, transferring them by larger and more high-quality jobs and more jobs we want to work more as a team and big open field.




With the excitement of the above principles and ideas established by 17 and 21-year-old two young brothers in 1989, our company without losing anything from a table with 4 chairs 40 m2 office from a very small capital of 4 is the firm way with the staff together, the excitement from and perseverance during the period It continues to grow consistently now for a total of more than 150 employees with the knowledge and experience gained in the light of the way in time that begins with the first day's excitement and passion still passionately managed by the same two brothers.


the most suitable products and services to our customers' request sought the most affordable and highest quality in the country and abroad by offering a way to become a provider.



With the principle of customer satisfaction and product safety in domestic and foreign markets
customer requests to become a leader by providing the most suitable products and services, at the right time with the right team, team work, the best working conditions, to create the best combine the awareness of continuous improvement, innovation in accordance with all legal requirements and sanctions about to make permanent.